A splitting of our reality into two separate worlds.

Sabrina Reyenga
8 min readAug 22, 2022

Hello world. The following was written 8/22/2021.

Yesterday I published an article talking about the Milgram Experiment and the Asch Conformity Experiments. A brother responded to it with a very good point regarding the Milgram Experiment which brought me to another dialogue I was having with another brother regarding the energies being experienced right now. Everything is interconnected whether we know it or not.

My brother responds, “The Milligram experiment was against strangers. This experiment, is against “Trumpsters”… …enemies. It is worse because they believe by obeying authority and harming others, they are harming people they hate, so it is not just willingly, it is vindictively as well.”

My response, “Very good point! It also brings it full circle back to how it is Hitler was able to get the masses to turn on one group of people as being the enemy within, when in Truth it was always those in power and those following orders blindly who were the real enemy within.

Anyone who refuses to mask up, get jabbed, or is white, Asian, Hispanic or Black, is to be persecuted and attacked verbally and physically. Anyone who is not in full agreement with this administration is to be considered an enemy of the state. We have seen this before.

History is repeating itself again. This time Humanity must awaken to what is occurring if they are to stop it. They cannot wait for someone to come save them. Believing the next election will matter is foolish.

As they have shown, they plan on keeping things as they are. They are pushing a bill which will keep them all in their places and take over elections on a federal level removing the states rights, so therefore removing the rights of We The People.

Humanity must stand up and refuse to comply any longer with these tyrannical governments. They must in mass throw off these entities and hold them accountable for their crimes against Humanity. They must willingly choose to stand together and remove these corrupt people from the chairs they placed them in.

No more fake votes with electronic systems. Go back to WATERMARKED PAPER BALLOTS with IN PERSON VOTING. One VOTE per Legal Citizen with photo ID.”

Which brought me to a dialogue with another brother who was asking about the energies they were experiencing and if anyone else was having similar experiences. I…



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