Can you forgive those who harm you?

Sabrina Reyenga
4 min readOct 4, 2018

Hello world. The following was written 10/04/2016.

Good morning world. Folks please look at these groups you are in that say they are open and public. So far I have found at least four that say they are “public” yet if you do not conform to their dictates and believe as they do you will be vilified and removed. Such as the NAMASTE group here on facebook. One of the folks in the group posted about fasting for all the animals being victimized and slaughtered all over the world. Not once did they mention anything about fasting or even praying for another Human Being and their sufferings.

Then you get folks like me who point out an unvarnished truth. That they are judging their brothers and saying they are better than their brothers. I also pointed out that being half Asian I grew up eating a lot of things others would freak out about. Apparently this struck a very VERY deep nerve. I was booted out of that group for calling out the bullshit judgments of the poster and their belief that anyone eating meat is evil.

Seriously consider walking away from these groups that try to control, manipulate, coerce and dictate to you what you are to think, feel, believe and do. Too many of these people and groups are hypocrites and only want to figure out how to get you to open your wallets for them. They have no care, concern or consideration for anyone but themselves and the agenda at play in the backs of their minds. Each one of these groups dictate who can speak and who cannot, who is worthy and who is not…

Every single thing that is happening around the world has been orchestrated to create intense fear, anger, hatred and division through organized chaos. Every single terror attack has been created to get Humanity to lay down and beg to be saved. To beg to have their God given rights taken from them. Every single item you hear, see and perceive is a form of mind control. Each is telling you who you are and are supposed to be. Who you should look like, act like, think like, love, believe, be and follow. Those who do not fall in line are demonized, ostracized, categorized, labeled, then hospitalized or caged. Sometimes it is all of the above.

Mandating medications being forced on the people. Drugs in our water, poisons in our food, and poisons in our air. All done by those we are taught are supposed to protect us. Except they are the ones who are doing it. Who protects us from them? We do! We are the first responders. We are responsible for…

Sabrina Reyenga

I am a psychic empath, channel and Spiritual Healer. I am here to help Humanity heal sharing one conversation, contemplation, vision and channeling at a time.