Enabling the Addiction of your brothers Ego.

Sabrina Reyenga
4 min readMay 10, 2019

Hello world. The following was written 5/10/2018.

Something to consider here is that you cannot help a brother heal by lying to them or making real the lies they have been telling themselves. When you tell your brother he is right or agree with all they are saying when you know what they are saying is a lie to themselves, you do more harm than good in those moments. You are enabling their addiction in those moments for that IS what the ego is, an Addiction! It is addicted to lying to itself to make itself feel better about all it cannot accept about itself.

No matter what it is a brother is thinking and believing we are to Stand in our own Light of Truth no matter what our brother is choosing to believe. We are to share our experiences and how our perspectives and purviews have shifted so changed, showing us the Truth. We are not required to accept what they state is Truth. They are not required to accept what we have shared as Truth either. We are equals in all ways. No one is above nor below anyone else. That is your own judgments at play.

You seem to believe, that your brothers are exactly where you are on their journeys. This is not true. Some of us have actually done the work needed to heal ourselves and are now guided to help their brothers heal as we have. We are not better than you. As with any doorway, SOMEONE has to walk through first. You cannot have two people trying to go through the same opening at the same time. They get stuck and block each other. It works single file or Individually. One at a time we walk through the door to understanding.

I am not able to lie to my brothers about what it is I am witnessing. I cannot make true the lies they are telling themselves. In all things I am to Stand in my Light of Truth and share what it is Holy Spirit would have me share. I am an open channel for a reason. Holy Spirit will step in and use my body as His vessel to communicate with my brothers. I lay the Truth of what is witnessed before them. It is up to them to look at it and see it for what it is. It is up to them whether or not they are willing to accept it or not.

What my brothers are doing is regurgitating that which they have read in a book or heard someone else state. They hold a belief that if they believe in it strong enough it will make it true. If they do exactly as the Being before them is doing they will be able to bypass looking within and doing their inner work for themselves. If this were…

Sabrina Reyenga

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