Everything is connected, one unto the other.

Sabrina Reyenga
6 min readMar 9, 2019

Hello world. The following was written 3/8/2017.

A brother asks, “Why do women make Fishlips in a lot of Selfies. Is that supposed to be sexy????”

My response, “In many instances what you witness is the blind following of what the one before them is doing or has done. In many instances the one they follow is a celebrity they have placed on a pedestal as being better than they are. In their minds they are constantly comparing themselves to the images of their brothers. Each time they do this they find themselves to be the one lacking. It is a vicious cycle of self castigation for not being someone else…

What is even more interesting is that they do not even realize that this is what they are doing to themselves… Tearing themselves down constantly based on a judgment handed to them that this Being has something they do not. Our children have been and are being brainwashed to hand away their free will to choose for themselves what resonates in their hearts. They are being trained to blindly accept, follow and believe the dictates of the one in supposed authority and to never question. If they question pain and punishment will be their reward.

What I am speaking of here are the advertisements, TV shows, movies, and music cultures that are programming us and our children to believe these are the things we want and are of value. That these are the things we need to seek out and embody as defining who we are to be. These judgments are what we are and have been trained to blindly believe in and follow without questioning them. To place our trust blindly that whatever is being said and shown to us is the Truth.

What we have been trained to do is to stop discerning what is Truth and Real for what is nothing more than an illusion. A fabrication placed before us to manipulate us to respond in a calculated way. We are being controlled, coerced and manipulated to do what someone else wants us to do…”

A brother asks, “True or False: People trying to guilt you into their point of view can’t be trusted to have your BEST interest at heart.”

My response, “This is true. If the mediums of shame, guilt, blame or fear are being used then manipulation, coercion and control are the games being played. A judgmental label or opinion has been handed to us that we are actually trying to believe within our own minds. This will usually cause the conflict of cognitive dissonance within us. It…

Sabrina Reyenga

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