Have you asked yourself if what you believe in is actually True?

Sabrina Reyenga
6 min readSep 7, 2018

Hello world. The following was written 9/07/2017.

In it I was sharing some of the understandings being given me by Spirit as to what Humanity is looking at if they do not open their eyes and begin to question all they have been indoctrinated into believing.

I am not sure where to start with what I am witnessing and coming to understand is going to come if we do not open our eyes fully to the Truth of what is actually happening around us. I have a question for all of you not just here in the United States, but around the world.

Do you like and agree with the societal and political culture that is known as North Korea right now, this instant?

North Korea is a dictatorship. What their leader thinks and believes in the people are required to think and believe in. This is their “religion”. They are not permitted to have their own thoughts, opinions, or feelings. Anyone who thinks, believes, or acts differently is jailed, tortured, or murdered as well as their family members. Multiple generations are killed if a single member of a family were to say anything that is not in alignment with what the government has dictated. People are killed for making a phone call or watching a movie not approved by the government first.

Folks, what is and has been in play for a long time now would be a world dictatorship telling us what to think, say, do and believe in. That we the people must conform and do as we are told or we will be taken out out of our homes then shot and killed. Our children will be made into slaves servicing the needs of the chosen few. Consider the rampant child sex slavery happening around the world. Consider the blatant terrorizing of the many peoples around the world. The brutality that is done and approved of by those in government.

Folks the modern world is facing the total subjugation of the people similar to what is happening in N Korea. Every privilege and right you have ever experienced will be stripped from you. You will be micro chipped in the same fashion that the Jews were being tattooed. You will be rounded up and killed just as the Jews were killed. As the world stood by and allowed that to happen then, it is standing by now and allowing it to happen again.

The same groups who created the wars of the past are creating the wars of today and tomorrow. They tried gaining global dominance back then and failed. They…



Sabrina Reyenga

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