Holy Spirit will lead me home from within.

Sabrina Reyenga
4 min readApr 27, 2018

In the first year of trying to do the Course with the teacher that had been chosen I had a lot of conflicts arise within me. One of the first ones were grudges and another was that I had asked for everything I was going through throughout my life. That the rapes, molestation’s, beatings, mental and emotional abuses I experienced I asked for. I really had a hard time with these. How could I as a child or infant ask for the things that were done to me?

As I was doing the workbook lessons and looking at the thoughts in my mind Holy Spirit gifted me with a…

Sabrina Reyenga

I am a psychic empath, channel and Spiritual Healer. I am here to help Humanity heal sharing one conversation, contemplation, vision and channeling at a time.