How our love is used to manipulate us to another’s will.

Sabrina Reyenga
9 min readMar 7, 2019

Hello world. The following was written 3/7/2018.

Hello my brothers. This is the vision I mentioned tonight on twitter regarding the first distortion that the Counsel of 9 was speaking of on Fade to Black. How our love is used to manipulate us to another’s will.

“I have spent the morning in contemplation of the visions coming to me. Many are replays of visions I have had before. Yet, this time I am being shown new visions of how they are each interconnected one to the other.

I started the morning off with a replay of the temple vision. Of the priest telling the people do this because God says too or else. When the people do not comply the priest then manufactures the results they had predicted to manipulate those witnessing to their dictates. To gain control over those around them through myriad tactics of lies, deceit, coercion and fear. When these tactics stopped working they turned to another form of contrived control and manipulation. Pain and suffering…

This vision had me watching a scene of a person being held and their family members being tortured in front of them. As the people are being tortured they are being told this is happening to you because your family member will not do as we have asked. They will not conform and do what we want. If they would only comply your pain and suffering would end.

The scene would then change to the one bearing witness to what is being done to their family members. How they are being fed a steady stream of measured guilt, blame, shame, judgment and fear. That they are responsible for what is happening to another. They are the cause of another’s pain and suffering because they are not conforming and complying to another’s dictates and demands. As they watch helplessly their family is tortured in front of them until they give in. In the next moments, as soon as the torturer gets what they want from them they watch their family then murdered as another punishment for refusing to comply for so long. Their family members are told just before the blade strikes home, “See, as soon as they give in and comply your pain ends…”

This twisted mental mind fuck is part of what began our descent into a mass hypnosis of controlled manipulations and coercions that have been manufactured since time began. The characters at the top have changed yet the game is still the same. Each blindly accepting, following and believing in what was taught to…



Sabrina Reyenga

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