I asked God, for a friend.

Sabrina Reyenga
2 min readDec 5, 2022

Hello world. The following was written 12/05/2016.

Eighteen years ago I found myself, renting someone’s couch to sleep on. I had a job and was working. I was a single parent, at the time. I had left an abusive relationship, and was focusing on healing my fear of men. ALL MEN. My Ex was 6'6" and he taught me, to fear and fear deeply. I tried dating women for a while. I found them to be, just as abusive as the men were. Yet they chose to do so, in a more mental and emotionally abusive way. I was done with relationships and the abuses, which came with them.

At that time in my life, I decided I was done. I asked God, for a friend. I did not want, a temporary lover. I wanted a friend who would accept me, as I am. Who would love me, for me and not who they wanted me to be. Not for what, they could get from me. I wanted someone who would see me, as I am within. Who could see past my shell, to my very Soul.

God’s response was to send me a friend request, from one Alex Reyenga. Another Soul who had ended an abusive relationship, and was simply looking for a friend. Someone to accept them, as they are and wasn’t looking to get anything from them.

When we met and started talking, we found we had many things in common. Yet, we also recognized, there were many things we saw very differently. We spent time together, talking and sharing where we had been and where we were at. We shared our dreams, of where we wanted to be and go. We shared as friends, with no expectations of anything more then the friendship we were building. We even shared about our romantic interests, to get a different perspective.

It took us around six months, before we realized there was more there between us. In not looking for love, we found it being handed to us. In looking for a friend, we found our best friend and Soul mate. In talking about these things now, years later, we have come to understand, it was our letting go the need to seek for our other half, which brought us together. In letting go the desire and belief in another completing us, we were given an opportunity to find true lasting friendship and love.

FYI, both of us had judgments we had to learn, to let go of. For him, I was to short and chubby. For me, he was BLONDE (in my experience all blondes were liars and cheaters). We both had to look past the shell, to the Soul within, and we did.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.



Sabrina Reyenga

I am a psychic empath, channel and Spiritual Healer. I am here to help Humanity heal sharing one conversation, contemplation, vision and channeling at a time.