Let go your judgments and the cage will fall away.

Sabrina Reyenga
3 min readJul 16, 2021

Hello world. The following was written 7/16/2017.

The following question was asked of me a year ago by a brother who was very wrapped up in their judgments and beliefs that something had or was going wrong. They were asking me to judge…

A brother asks, “S B so, what do you observe future outcome of our world. We can see nature slowly killed by the profiteer/ evil greedy world- Join Greenpeace / other chatities who are doing best to serve/maintain a Qwality of Life h b”

My response, “What I perceive of what has been manifested in these moments my brother is an awakening of Humanity to all that is no longer wanted or desired to be experienced being brought to the surface to be looked at, healed, and let go of to never be again. We are being given an opportunity to see what it is we have been experiencing for a long time. To put a name to it and change our minds about the value we have placed on it. We must be able to see what it is we do not want in order to be able to choose what it is we do want. It is these polar opposites that seem to be needed for Humanity to recognize what it is that truly resonates within the soul.

What I perceive coming brother, is the awakening of Humanity to who we Truly are within these shells we call our bodies. I perceive a melding happening of heart and minds through acceptance and allowance. Through everyone willingly accepting themselves and their brothers exactly as they are and choose to be without judgments. Through the allowing of everyone and everything to be exactly as it or they choose to be in any given moment. What I perceive is Humanity learning to live in the moment. We will no longer worry and fret about past or future happenings. We will have learned to accept and allow everything to simply be as it is without judging any part, portion, or aspect of it any longer. These are the things I perceive coming brother…”

What I perceive coming is the healing of the world and all within it. What I perceive happening are the choices to believe my brothers have made. What I am understanding is that we must “SEE” what it is we do not want in order to choose what it is we do want. That it is not until we are able to actually see what it is we do not want that we make an active decision to choose something else instead. Consider looking at the experiences you have had throughout your own lives my brothers. How many times have you experienced what you did not want or like in…

Sabrina Reyenga

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