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Hello world. The following was share by Erik Medhus through a channel 8/05/2016.


Ok people there is no hell or devil,
Good or evil,
Wrong or right.
It is all about the light.

Take the higher energy of light,
Bring it into denser light.
That is all it is,
Still connected to the higher light.

We are all connected,
So we are all parts of the whole,
If you want to experience dense light,
Then that is what you will hold.

If you want the brighter light,
Then think about that shine,
And you will create that energy,
Around you for your life.

The mind has power over this,
What you think is what you get,
Because you put the energy behind your words,
That will be its effect.

Opposites attract because they are both one,
There is no separation in what you see as love.
For the light that created us,
Has both in it for us.

Sure you need the opposite to know what it is you want,
So do not get stuck in the lower energy,
Seek the higher and rise above.

Your life is about your thoughts and the energy,
You give to them.
So if you play the victim,
That is your choice and energy to be in.

You can not blame anyone for the experiences you have,
You have set them in motion yourself,
And it is time the world can understand.

You draw to you the energy,
That you put out with your thoughts,
So make it a goal today,
To think what you want in thoughts.

We are here to experience all the lessons,
We want to have.
If you like the bad ones,
Then keep them in your head.

Words do not do justice to how to explain the Soul,
How it is pure energy and comes from one energy source.
In our Soul body we are all an energy source.
It works the same for all of us here on this earth.

Don’t say I want,
Say I have.
And bring those vibrations to you.
And what you want will come to you.

But if there are doubts in your thoughts,
Heal them before you start.
They will block the energy,
You think is coming from your heart.

You have to believe in what you want,
With your pure light to shine.
Or you may be wasting your energy,
And it will not come to you in this life time.

Erik Medhus

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.



Sabrina Reyenga

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