NO ONE is a VICTIM here! NO ONE!

Sabrina Reyenga
9 min readNov 5, 2021

Hello world. The following was written 11/04/2018.

The following was a response I made to brother’s sharing of their belief that men are victimizers and women are victims. That men are responsible for what it is a woman is thinking, feeling and experiencing. That the realization of self comes from sex and the enacting of sex. Siting this as the reason for our “Fear to Love”.

My brother shares, “The Fear to Love

The fear to love arises as a reaction to the experience of life in a loveless world. This is now a global neurosis which undermines the power of love. Love is a natural restorative and healer when free of the impediment of fear, and provides a sense of wellbeing that is constant and all-sustaining. Fear is synonymous with self. Self arises through sex, which becomes an unconscious negative force when unabated and able to control the mind and emotions of anyone it can possess.

The fundamental cause of the fear to love begins very early in the drama of life. At birth the infant body enters existence, having absorbed the emotional stress of the mother from the placenta in the womb. This negative energy is actualised the moment the umbilical cord is severed. It’s the young girl who’s most vulnerable to the forces of the world since the female consciousness is more naturally attuned to the original state of love than that of the male. The fear to love is registered at a deeply subconscious level in the presence of the father and any other males in the household or environment. They may be kind and loving, but their psychic emanation of sexual tension will imperceptibly infect the minds and emotional bodies of the young. All men are sexually frustrated, even the most promiscuous, until the self-obsessive drive for control over another has been transformed through love.

By the time the teenage girl reaches puberty she’s absorbed the anxieties, not only of her immediate environment but through the competitive regime of school and exposure to the sexual content generated through the internet. This energetic residue hardens as an emotional clot near the entrance of the vagina. When love is made for the first time, the virgin female is physically prepared but inwardly fearful and reliant on the loving reassurance from her lover. What happens is that she’s traumatised to some degree by the experience; the lovemaking was not what she expected it to be. And this is every woman’s story, more or less. She was looking for love while he was…

Sabrina Reyenga

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