Remember “The Peanut Gallery”, are seeking “The Real Peanut Butter!”

Sabrina Reyenga
3 min readFeb 11, 2019

Hello world. The following is from 5/1/2015.

I keep hearing, “Remember “The Peanut Gallery”, are seeking “The Real Peanut Butter!”

Blah blah blah, subjective subjective subjective… I tell, you need, You have to, you are… Judging judging judging…Man Holy Spirit and my Guides really are on a roll this morning.

Spirit states, “To listen to anything outside of you is to listen to the peanut gallery. It is just a bunch of nuts that are lightly salted and roasted. They are not ready or willing to become one with the peanut butter yet. If you want peanut butter come to Holy Spirit. If all you want are nuts slowly roasted in their own pit of hell with the salt of their own blood, sweat and tears… go to the peanut gallery.”

This morning as I was reading the posts and comments by my brothers I was seeing some of the things being said as judgments. The first part of the above comment was the stuff I was seeing and asking Holy Spirit and my Guides what I was witnessing. The other posts I have shared this morning were the reference to Holy Spirit and my Guides being on a roll. Holy Spirit and my Guides speak to me in the terms and context I AM able to comprehend. What They were saying to me is that what I was witnessing was the actions of those with things still bothering them. The judgments and advice given are for themselves. They just are choosing to not follow it themselves.

Holy Spirit and my Guides refer to the level of understanding Individuals have compared to THEM, when saying peanut gallery and peanut butter. When They use the reference of nuts They are speaking of the shell used to encapsulate us in our beliefs. These beliefs we hold onto are slowly roasting us in our own pits of hell with our own blood, sweat, and tears (reference to SALTY). When we are ready to leave go these beliefs and shift to Their Truth… We then get the real peanut butter (truth, peace, joy).

Plain language so all may understand what Their meaning is for me. I observe and ask Holy Spirit and my Guides about everything I am hearing, seeing, feeling, experiencing. I do not pick and choose what I am willing to look at. Holy Spirit and my Guides place all THEY would have me look at before me.

My guidance is to share what experiences I have had and Holy Spirit and my Guides guidance and processes for me. To show a different perspective from which to view a situation. How my healing was and is accomplished. To show how Their guidance can heal all.

Holy Spirit and my Guides have stated that sharing my experiences as THEY dictate is a correct form of communication. In sharing my experiences I am sharing what I have been through and the process of healing it with Them. I am not telling anyone they are doing their processes wrong. I am not telling anyone they should do as I say and do. I am offering another way of looking at a situation to see it differently. To open a door that may have been closed to healing.”

Yeah, I prefer The Real Peanut Butter!

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.

Sabrina Reyenga

I am a psychic empath, channel and Spiritual Healer. I am here to help Humanity heal sharing one conversation, contemplation, vision and channeling at a time.