Spiritual Bypassing and the Enlightened Ego Mind.

Sabrina Reyenga
3 min readFeb 6, 2019

Hello world. The following was written 2/6/2017.

An answer is given to why they block and close a door on opportunity…

Yesterday my Husband, Alex shared a contemplation he had on “Spiritual Bypassing and the Enlightened Ego Mind”. I am being told to share that now and to add to it…

Alex shares, “What better way to spiritually bypass then to deny that you have those false thoughts. It’s true, the ego is not real, the ego is not a thing, the body is not the ego, but the ego made the body out of an idea, and idea that we could separate from God. And that is why it’s important to look at everything and ask ourselves, “is this true?”.

Spiritual bypassing and denying or ignoring the ego is why so many ACIM teachers are and have been in the same place for 30 years. The enlightened ego wants to be “the teacher” and wants to believe that it knows the truth above and beyond everyone else. The spiritual ego is not looking to heal, but to just follow the same MO of taking from his brother without giving too much. To say, oh you need to join in my miracle share class so I can share the truth with you instead of just sharing the truth right here and right now.

No, the spiritual ego wants that paycheck, so it hangs the carrot out there, but doesn’t give too much, for the spiritual ego does not want to teach the student to surpass the teacher but to make the student dependent on the teacher so that the teacher can be supported and get a paycheck from ever increasing more and more students. “Look at my flock!” says the ego. But you’re right, the ego is not real.”

What Alex has shared here is very on point. The purpose of the “Teacher” is to teach a student to no longer need the teacher. To teach the student to go within and seek their answers within. Eventually the student will stop coming to the teacher and learn to seek their answers within and no longer without, out there in the world in a book or another. What I am teaching my brothers, is how to get you to look within and not without for the answers you seek. My goal is to make it so you no longer come to me for the answers you seek. Instead you find them within “yourself”.

Consider what is shared here my brothers. The role of the teacher is to teach the student to no longer need the teacher. To help the student understand the answers they seek are within them. To teach the student to always look within for the…



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