Stop Raping your brothers!

Sabrina Reyenga
3 min readJul 15, 2021

Hello world. The following was written 7/14/2016.

Every reaction is a powerful reaction. The only difference between them are the judgments you place on them. In everything it is and will always be your choices to judge that will separate you from your brothers. Because your judgment is the WALL that stands between you. When one is not authentic they judge. They hide in fear of being judged for anything and everything. They fight, argue and defend themselves and everyone around them because they are judging. They also assume that everyone is attacking them, judging them, and trying to hurt them because of their judgments.

All dialogue, even vitriolic dialogue, is of benefit. It brings to the surface those things we hide from ourselves about what we truly believe in. As I read everyone’s posts I see the judgments being handed out and the assumptions constantly being made. I see the “game” as you call it being played.

None of this is a game to me. When I started thinking about suicide and ways to do it, it stopped being a game. Shit got pretty real, very fast. I understood that if I wanted my pain and suffering to stop I had to not just want the change. I had to be willing to make the change too.

According to the dictionary rape is an act of forcing ones will on another in a “sexual” way. What my Guides are telling me is that rape is a whole hell of a lot more than just the sexual aspect it is being defined as. Rape is not just about the “sex”.

Rape is an act of forcing ones will on another. My Guides states that Manipulation is a form of rape. Mental abuse is a form of rape. Emotional abuse is a form of rape. Judgments are a form of rape. In all of these one is forcing their will on another. Dictating what that being may or may not do, think, be, believe and feel.

Every time you believe in the judgments of another you are telling them they are allowed to rape you. Every time you place another on a pedestal you are judging them as being better than you. You are blinding yourself to the Truth of who they truly are. In those moments you are accepting their authority over you. You have handed your power over to them. The moment you choose to believe the judgment you agree to being raped by them all on a Spiritual level. Rape does not have to be a physical act.

When one considers these aspects of the idea of rape, one begins to question their own thoughts and actions towards themselves and their…

Sabrina Reyenga

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