T.I.M.E. is To Imagine My Existence and Transmute Imagination Manifesting Existence.

Sabrina Reyenga
3 min readAug 1, 2021

Hello world. The following was written 8/2/2018.

I am sitting here contemplating a number of things that have been and are being shown to me. My Guides keep speaking about languages and the words we use. They are saying that a great many of the words we use today were no more than acronyms. A set of initials that are used to identify a person, place, or thing in a form of short hand abbreviations.

They are showing me images of what they call cuneiform, cave paintings, and hieroglyphs. They are superimposing one image over the other to show how similar they are. How each holds a piece of what came before it. How each language is similar to the others and the meaning given to the words used and how they sounded. That it is the sound given that has energy and meaning and not the actual words we use. The emotional energy attached to the word sounds is what gives them their power.

I am seeing acronyms for words such as FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real and NASA = National Aeronautics Space Administration. In a similar vein the word TIME seems to be an acronym as well. I am seeing T.I.M.E. as To Imagine My Existence and Transmute Imagination Manifesting Existence.

The word TIME is no more than an acronym used to describe the process we use to create our existence here in this reality or dimension. If we can picture it in our mind we can manifest it. The only limit to this is the amount of belief we have that we can create it. We manifest whatever it is we are choosing to focus our attentions on. If we are focused on pain and suffering, then all we receive is more of the same. This works in the opposite way too. If we focus on that which we judge as being good, happy, and joyful we manifest more of that.

It all comes down to choice. When we are faced with having to make a choice or decision we must choose a path to walk down. Do we go right or left? Each choice creates an experience with lessons buried within it. Every choice helps us understand who we are and who we want to be. Every choice and decision we make for ourselves is of benefit to us. Each one helps us become the Being we are meant to be.

TIME is an illusion created within my own mind. TIME is the illusion within my mind. TIME is the manifestation of the illusion that I think I am and who it is I think myself to be. TIME is to ask the Universe to Tie Me to what I…

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