The catalyst of loss, on the journey is Universal.

Sabrina Reyenga
3 min readJan 25, 2023

Hello world. The following was written 01/24/2023.

A brother asked a question on my article, “A call for love, Suicide.”. I am guided to share, this discussion. What is helpful for one, may be helpful for others in healing these experiences or events, on the journey.

A brother asks, “I know this is different… But my son was murdered… Could you give me information on… How it work’s? Thank you.”

My response, “Can you clarify what exactly you would understand? How what work’s?”

My brother responds, “I’m not sure… Was it karma? Was it something else? … My thoughts are short circuiting.”

My response, “Are you asking, why was he murdered or taken so early on the journey? Take a deep breath, hold to the count of 10, then release it slowly. Repeat this process until you feel more balanced and calmed within you.

There are many reasons and ways one’s “contract” here in this reality of duality, may be closed or ended. We each write in possible exit points for ourselves on our journeys. We all enter this reality under a contract we ourselves write out, of all we would experience here in deep emotions. What we do not get to choose, is how those experiences or events are delivered to us.

This is why there are no mistakes, wrong paths, wrong choices. It is also why our paths cross with those of our brothers when they do. Each connection we make with others will have experiences with lessons connected to them for ourselves and others to learn from. Sometimes those lessons are of the agony of loss. The removal of the physical presence of someone we love and love deeply.

As I shared in my article, “The Agony of loss, is Universal for a reason.”.

“How keenly felt, is the agony of loss. It’s pain is Universal and felt by all. Those near and far can feel another’s agony in suffering in those moments, without a word being passed between them. All will experience some form of this pain for themselves, and all will be the catalyst to this pain for others.

The Agony of loss, is Universal for a reason. No one can escape the experience of it. We as Humans will experience it. All animals and creatures throughout Creation will experience this. Even our flora and fauna experiences this on some level of awareness. It is these types of experiences which connect us one to another as equals seamlessly within the…



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