The differences between Service to Self, Service to Other and Self First.

Sabrina Reyenga
4 min readSep 17, 2018

Hello world. The following was written 09/16/2017.

This is a follow up to the article titled, “Which do you choose brother?” that I shared yesterday. After much contemplation and questioning a deeper clarity with understanding was given me as to what it was my Guides were stating.

Yesterday afternoon I found myself writing a message out and posting it. I have spent the night and most of this day contemplating the meaning and asking for clarity and understanding to what is meant. A comment made by a brother brought clarity in meaning and more depth of understanding.

The message, “Which do you choose brother?

The fork is coming and a decision made. Which do you choose, you have 7 days.

Service to self or service to other. The choice is yours. Which do you choose brother?

Everything is choice. Service of self is the service to the betterment of self at the cost of another.

Service to other self is the service to another without expectation to receive so the self then receives that which they give.”

A brother states, “All giving begins with self. ONE CANNOT GIVE TO OTHERS WHAT THEY DON’T FIRST GIVE TO THEMSELVES!!!!”

My response, “What you state is true. What you refer to is Self First. It is not selfish to consider Self First. Yet, it is selfish to place ones self first over another when power is all that is sought after. It is that Service of Self I am speaking of. The abuse of another for our own personal gains brother. We are taught to perceive our brothers as stepping stones or vending machines. We connect with them only to get what we think we want and need from them. That is the Service of Self I am referring too here.”

As I sit here writing this I am given images to correlate the meanings being given to the messages statements. The first being this fork and the seven days. What I am shown is a being writhing in pain and suffering. The fork refers to a decision being made. To heal, to change ones mind, to choose differently, to choose your brother and in so doing choose yourself. A choice needing to be made of what resonates for you.

The reference to time is in reference to creation. In this time you create who you choose to be from here on out. Do you choose to serve your self or do you choose to serve your…

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