The ego isn’t pretty, when it gets unmasked.

Sabrina Reyenga
21 min readJan 26, 2023

Hello world. The following was written 1/25/2018.

Day three and the dialogue continues from my initial sharing of, “The Synchronicities, which solidify the validity of Truth.” and “Man’s laws, hold no bearing or merit, when placed next to God’s Laws.”. I am bidden to keep first names in place, for this one. This time the vitriol comes out full blown, as the ego becomes exposed. The ego loves to give out demands, dictates, name calling, belittling, judging and assuming.

When one assumes, they make an ass of themselves, the one they make their judgment of, and IF the one being judged chooses to believe them, accepting their judgments as their own. Assumptions, are judgments.

As I said, the dialogue continues and it is not pretty, by any means. The ego isn’t pretty, when it gets unmasked. The ego tends to become violent in it’s reactions, believing itself attacked, again and again. We may but hope our words bring clarity, to help heal our brothers calls for love.

Maz states, “Sabrina Do you know what “Natural Law” means? And, since when is a Copyright for protection a Law of God? Can you answer a direct Question? You said your Guides propose same as Trisha’s claim, that ACIM should be copyrighted. I asked by whom? Now you do not address the topic of this thread AT ALL, yet try to gaslight me, telling me I ‘create a hell before me’? What makes you think you are entiltled to make this topic personal? TIA.”

Trisha responds, “And by the same token…just What makes you think you’re entitled to demanding that anyone account to you?? LOL that’s an indication you’re still suffering the authority problem. You’ve got about all you can handle with just your own nonsense nevermind attempting to adjudicate anyone else’s.”

My response, “I stated my Guides taught me, the same principles about the teaching of the material. It IS a self study requiring one to be willing, to turn within themselves for the answers and to stop seeking for the answers outside of them, in another and the world around them. The lessons I learn are to be shared freely, as those understandings were given me. I am to use my experiences as the examples, to give a basis of understanding what is shared and how it is applied.

You asked about the copy right and my Guides answered you, as to what was meant and why. What is not understood by YOU, would be the God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and Spiritual Guides will use the…



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