The Repercussions of the Bliss Ninny Mentality.

Sabrina Reyenga
4 min readMay 5, 2019

Hello world. The following was written 5/5/2018.

I found myself responding to my brothers calls for understanding about the repercussions of choosing to deny what is experienced in what is termed a “Bliss Ninny Mentality” and what ACIM is referring to in regards our trying to convince our brothers of what it is we have chosen to believe. That we are to focus on ourselves and what it is we are experiencing and not what it is our brothers are choosing for themselves.

What it is that ACIM has been referring to is letting go our own attachments. Our attachments that our brothers accept what it is we are sharing with them. That we let go our attachments to our brothers changing their minds. What it is referring to is us giving up our attachments and beliefs that we are right and our brother is wrong. Giving up our attachments that our brothers are broken and we need to fix them or that we can fix them. For each of those attachments are a judgment being held by you that you know more than the Creator or Holy Spirit would.

When we connect with our brothers we are to connect at the heart level with open hand and hearts. We are to listen to hear where our brother is at and not listen to respond. In the simplicity of listening a door is opened for healing for them. It is the verbalization of their experiences that allows them to look at it and view it in a more open loving light. It is this opportunity given them that is also given you to see your own experiences from a different perspective and to share how you have healed your own. There is no convincing happening in these sharing's. What is offered is understanding and compassion for what is experienced and that they are not alone in this for others have experienced similar things too. There are no judgments being handed out. Just a connection of equality and unity in understanding how we are the same.

The deeper underlying issue that Alex was hinting at here are the repercussions of choosing the enlightened egoistic belief system to deny oneself and what is being experienced can have and bring. He hinted at how it can stagnate them or keep them in a rut repeating the same patterns over and over again. It goes even deeper than this. For every time you choose to deny what is being experienced you are choosing to seek out your egoistic beliefs and justifications instead.

What Humanity does not understand is that when they are “faking it” they are creating a false…

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