The TRUTH, is often mistaken, for the lie.

Sabrina Reyenga
8 min readJan 26, 2023

Hello world. The following was written 01/25/2019.

Brother one asks, “What is the true basis for forgiveness?”

My response, “Forgiveness is a lie, which has been taught to you. It is NOT TRUE. If everything we go through and experience is for our benefit, how could anything every go wrong or need to be forgiven? If one chooses to look at and question this belief, they would find the lie therein and begin to let go of all they have JUDGED as being what it is for them.

There is an article I wrote back in 2016 sharing a vision I was given, regarding forgiveness and tithing. I am told, you will find it very enlightening to say the least, and it will help give perspective and understanding of the lies you have been trained to accept and believe in, as being true for you.

“Forgiveness and Tithing

As I was rereading a post yesterday I had written a year ago, I found a phrase standing out for me. The phrase was, “Many say the key is forgiveness.” Upon reading this, I found myself receiving a vision and an understanding. The vision starts with an ancient city and people walking towards and into a temple, carrying “gifts” with the intent and purpose of making an offering to the God’s for forgiveness. In essence they were tithing to the temple. Paying their way into heaven with the gifts they would bring for the God’s to be placated. Upon seeing this vision I understood the basics of what modern religions tithing is, or I thought I did.

As the vision unfolded I was shown two people exchanging an item, a bowl. My Guides are explaining anything and everything is created “FOR-GIVING”. Meaning everything can be “given” away to someone else. They are stating the meaning of this has been twisted to mean something very different. What was being shown to me about the temple, is where this twisting of meanings originally began. The essence of “for giving” was to create items of value for trading and bartering, so one may acquire those items needed for survival.

The priests in the temples took this concept to a whole new level. The priests new they needed worshipers to believe in what they were saying. All their “power” was connected to the strength and depth of the people’s beliefs in the priest’s ability to act as a go between, for them and the God’s. The priests would foster the belief only they could speak to the God’s and only they could interpret what the God’s wanted.



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