The world as it is perceived to be was taught to you.

Sabrina Reyenga
5 min readDec 9, 2021

Hello world. The following was written 12/08/2020.

Yesterday my Husband Alex shared how he was receiving notifications from groups and friends a day or two after it had been shared originally. That what he is experiencing is a form of Shadow Banning when this occurs. His sharing had a brother responding in a reactionary way. Our brothers reaction was a call for Love and understanding what they were experiencing within themselves at what had been shared.

Alex shares, “This is a perfect example of shadow banning and just one of the tactics used if Facebook deems that the truth you are sharing is a threat to the lies being pushed by the machine. Keep in mind that this notification below popped up on Sunday near noon and I was on Facebook yesterday too.(A notification from a private group conversation was shared)”

A brother responds, “Metaphysically speaking, all perspectives of this world are lies. The only truth is what the Holy Spirit tells or shows you. But to hear the H/S requires you to release your vested interest in the “truths” and “lies” of this world. Machine or not.

So, if this situation causes you grief, then use it to explore within and ask the H/S for help seeing what you should be seeing — that you can forgive and release it to the H/S for healing. That’s the work you do, instead of projecting your grief onto the world hoping that it will make you feel better (it does, but that’s the ego’s work).”

Alex responds, “LOL, how did I project my grief onto the world? Do you have an issue with me sharing the truth? Does it bother you? Maybe this is bringing something up for you to go within and look at.”

My response, “Alex is he from that closed group you mentioned Husband? He sounds like a parrot repeating what he read in a book or someone told him. Its truly hilarious.”

Alex responds, “No, he is not in that closed group.”

My response to our brother, “The world as it is perceived to be and all within it including yourself was taught to you by someone else as what they chose to believe in. Like the rest of Humanity you CHOSE to blindly accept so believe what has been taught to you without questioning if what you were taught was the truth.

Every label you use to define you and all around you are judgments used to manipulate so control what is perceived so believed. Each label has to be accepted…

Sabrina Reyenga

I am a psychic empath, channel and Spiritual Healer. I am here to help Humanity heal sharing one conversation, contemplation, vision and channeling at a time.