When do we stop blaming the object, for the actions of the subject?

Sabrina Reyenga
5 min readOct 6, 2022

Hello world. The following was written 10/06/2017.

There seems to be a theme of blaming the object, for the actions of the subject. Because of the choice of the object being used to gain an objective. Then laws are written to justify taking away an object, to keep such incidents from happening again. An object is blamed, for what a subject chooses to do with it.

Yesterday I had a brother ask me, if I owned a gun. They began blaming the gun, for the actions of the person. Today a brother used music, as the example. Yesterday was guns, today music, tomorrow your silverware. When do we stop blaming the object, for the actions of the subject?

A brothers asks, “Is there a difference in music for sex and music for making love?”

My response, “The only “difference”, is the intentions behind the use of the music and not the music in and of itself. Do not blame the object, for the actions of the subject. The subject, is the one responsible for the action and not the object, being used to gain their objectives.”

The premise of blaming the object, is not new. For decades we have been faced with one law after another being put in place, because of an object. Prohibition laws are put in place, because an object has caused a subject to act, think, believe, or perceive something differently, than those around them. These ‘laws” are no more than subliminal tools created to control and manipulate, what you think, say and do.

Consider the words Prohibition, Prohibit, and Deny. Each one is a judgment being dictated to you, telling you who you are and are supposed to be. They are telling you, you are not capable of governing yourself and someone else would know better then you what is or would be best.

Consider this drive to remove, the second amendment. An object is being blamed, for the actions of a subject. An excuse is used, of how things were different then. Guns have changed, so the law should change. There is a point being purposely over looked, by those pushing this agenda to disarm the people.

My brothers, just as time and technology changes, so to does the understanding and capability of the people to respond, change with it. Just as these things have grown and evolved, so to has the capabilities of our government. Just as our government increases it’s ability to defend itself. So too, must the people be…



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