Why, should you question authority?

Sabrina Reyenga
3 min readMar 21, 2021

Hello world. The following was written 3/21/2021.

Holy Spirit and my Guides had me respond to my brothers joking question of why one should question authority with the following responses.

A brother states, “QUESTION AUTHORITY”

Brother One asks, “Why?”

Brother Two states, “You beat me to it.. Damn you.. Lol”

My response, “Something to consider, everything you think you know so believe in as being real so True has been taught to you by someone else just as it was taught to them. It is passed down from one generation to the next without anyone questioning if what they were being taught is real and the Truth.

Now ask yourselves, if all you think you know was taught to you, how do you know it is real and True? If you are honest with yourselves the answer will be you don’t know. You have never questioned what was taught to you because you believed they were the authority and would never lie to you. Problem is they did not know and do not know they are lying because like you, they never bothered to question the authority figures before them.

All children place the label of authority on their parents or caregivers blindly without thought. This belief is then reinforced unconsciously by those caregivers when they use myriad forms of coercion and manipulation to get you to conform, comply and adhere to that which they dictate you must do and be.

Consider all of this and how you were taught or indoctrinated to blindly accept and follow without question what an supposed authority figure dictates to you. Now realize how they are using your own mind and emotions against you to enslave you willingly to whatever they dictate you do so be.

By the way, you were never required to accept, follow or believe in what was being dictated and taught to you. You only think you were required to just as they did because that is what was taught to them so they taught it to you. Understand how your own mind works and you understand how it is you are the one that has made every single choice to accept so believe as you are doing and you are the only one who can stop you from continuing to do so. Only you know what you are believing in here as being real so true for you. No one can prove anything to you and no one can do your inner work for you. You have to willingly turn within your own heart and mind and begin to question what you have experienced on your…



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